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Secrets for Scaling HR for Your Small Business
In-Person Saturday 09/11/2021 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM   Add to calendar

Competencies: Business (Behavioral), Interpersonal (Behavioral), Leadership (Behavioral), People (Technical)
Workplace Application:
Attendees will learn how to redefine the role of HR in a small business.  

HR is a strategic vehicle that can help small businesses to optimize efficiency in operations while empowering a people-oriented culture that transforms the way an organization operates. In this interactive, fun and informative session, attendees will learn new strategies to transform HR from a department of one into a strategic role by scaling their department, the operations of the small business and the overall growth of the organization to new levels. This will be an action-packed workshop utilizing real case studies on how the speaker has transformed small businesses by redefining the role of HR in entrepreneurship. Each attendee will walk away with at least three new strategies for elevating their impact in scaling small businesses through an HR lens of opportunity. 

Learning Objectives: 

  • Identify why most small businesses are failing today. 
  • Identify the role HR plays in redefining operations and systems in today’s small-business environment. 
  • Identify key metrics that HR can implement to transform accountability and scalability in today’s business environment. 
  • Identify why HR is misunderstood and how to get a seat at the table with an entrepreneur. 
  • Learn three secrets to building a small-business team with a big-business vision. 
Brandon Seigel Photo
Brandon Seigel, President,
Wellness Works Management Partners