The Radical Reinvention of Human Resources - Why It's Necessary & What It Looks Like In Action | Sessions

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The Radical Reinvention of Human Resources - Why It's Necessary & What It Looks Like In Action
In-Person and Virtual Friday 09/10/2021 10:45 AM - 11:45 AM   Add to calendar

Competencies: Business (Behavioral), Interpersonal (Behavioral), Organization (Technical), People (Technical)
Workplace Application:
Attendees will understand why it is critical to reimagine HR, how to begin the journey and what a transformed HR function looks like in practice. 

Most executives agree that HR must be radically redefined to meet the changing workforce expectations and business landscapes experienced over the last 18 months, but few have faith that their current HR teams are up to the challenge. While HR departments have played a vital role in helping companies deal with a public health crisis, social unrest, rapid business transformations and changing workforce demographics, they have yet to undergo the necessary transformation in purpose and structure to truly adapt to these shifts. HR is at a critical impasse as a result. Join Amy Hirsh Robinson, Chief People Officer with 20 years of business transformation experience, as she shares her journey in radically reinventing the role of Human Resources for King's Hawaiian and what a reimagined people function looks like in practice.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discuss why HR's radical reinvention is necessary and what it looks like.
  • Hear why benchmarking and best practices are a waste of time.
  • Discover the top 10 competencies HR leaders must possess to have a seat at the table.
  • Learn the 5 most critical areas of focus when reimagining the HR function.
  • Elevate the work and skills of your current team.
Amy Hirsh Robinson, MBA Photo
Amy Hirsh Robinson, MBA, Chief People Officer,
King's Hawaiian