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The Great Resignation
In-Person Friday 09/10/2021 11:30 AM - 11:50 AM   Add to calendar
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Jerry Kelly will share 4 actionable tips for all leaders at this time hoping to hold onto their best team players, whatever new work mode they’ve chosen for our new business.  

You’ve likely heard the scary news about how many employees plan to resign if their company demands they return to the office. Your team members are mulling over what their action plan will be if you impose a rule on them that’s uncomfortable or upsetting. Some may even be job hunting right now if you haven’t yet provided clarity on your policy going forward. 

So, what’s the first tip that Jerry Kelly, Vice President of Partners and Alliances at Globalization Partners, will share with you at this talk? Be transparent, today. 

If you want to retain the talent that really matters, be prepared for a work mode switch, and operate in a way that’s respectful to employees while protecting your best interests, join Jerry to hear his expertise on how to flourish in the new global talent market. 

Attendees will takeaway tips for: 

  • Involving employees so that they own the work mode decision 
  • The difficult conversations and managing through change 
  • How to adapt benefits as a retention and productivity strategy 
Jerry Kelly Photo
Jerry Kelly, VP Partners & Alliances,
Globalization Partners