Lisa Joanne Elsworth , Co-Founder, The Sober Experiment and Bee Sober | Speaker

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The Sober Experiment and Bee Sober
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Lisa a mum of three is a director of the IPHM, an international accreditation board for Holistic Complementary Alternative Therapists and Training Providers. She is also a co-founder of The Sober Experiment and Bee Sober, an amazing social group for sober people all across the UK and a volunteer speaker for Nacoa, delivering talks to organisations throughout the UK, such as schools and youth clubs; raising awareness of NACOA's services and the effects of parental alcohol problems on children. 

Lisa is a positive thinker and will always find humour in even the darkest or most trying situations.  Lisa believes that sobriety is the best thing that has ever happened to her, everyone she has influenced and everyone she continues to influence.

Lisa’s aim is to motivate everyone she comes into contact with using positivity, gratitude, mindfulness and self-care to bring about happiness and success whilst spreading the sober word.